Board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons lead your care team at Southern Joint Replacement Institute. Board certification means our surgeons’ education, knowledge, skills and experience meet the highest national standards. Fellowship training provides an additional year of intensive, in-depth education and experiences. Our surgeons use their knowledge and expertise for a thoughtful, personalized approach that gets optimal results.

As educators in the field, many of our surgeons help train other orthopedic providers across the nation. Some have made contributions to the creation of new implant devices. Others have made improvements with protocols for treatment based on years of research. Our surgeons are guest speakers at national and international orthopaedic forums and sought-after medical experts for television and news segments.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Robotic-arm assisted surgery
  • GPS navigation for joint replacement
  • World Hip and World Knee orthopaedic devices
  • Intelligent Collaborative Orthopedic Registry (iCore) Program for Orthopedic Research implemented by HCA

Our surgeons also seek to honor the human condition and make the world around them better. In 2021, Dr. Michael Christie was honored with the AAHKS Humanitarian Award for his work with the WalkStrong Foundation, helping people across the globe gain access to joint replacement. In 2019, Dr. Jeffrey Hodrick was given the Frist Humanitarian Award for his work to help stem the tide against prescription opioid abuse with “Crush the Crisis.” This program has become a national campaign by HCA.

Collaborative Care

At Southern Joint Replacement Institute, we use a collaborative approach that gives you access to care that addresses every aspect of the orthopaedic services you need. You will meet with one of our surgeons during your first visit. Right from the start, you will have access to our valuable team members including:

  • Physician Extenders are orthopaedic-trained nurse practitioners and physician assistants who work alongside our surgeons to enhance your care and speed recovery. They perform medical procedures, provide care and offer guidance and education to help you determine your best care options. They are part of your care team after surgery, answering questions and guiding you through the process up to discharge.
  • Nurse Navigators help guide you through your surgical journey. They schedule your appointments for surgery and help answer questions before and after your procedure to help you feel comfortable throughout the process. Their background in nursing is vital to addressing concerns and making sure you have the care you need.
  • Physical and occupational therapists work with you throughout your care journey. Our therapists use specific protocols based on years of research that produce the best results. Our physical therapists may work with you both before and after surgery. “Prehab” helps strengthen your body, preparing it for surgery. Follow-up therapy helps build back your range of motion after your procedure. We also work with Physical Therapists across middle Tennessee who follow our protocols for each targeted joint.
  • Hospitalists work with patients both before and after a procedure. They may take your vital signs as part of your preparation for surgery and help guide you on any medical clearances that might be required. After a procedure, they check your vital signs and make sure you are getting the care you need to return home safely.