At SJRI, we're looking at healthcare from a new perspective – yours. And it's changing the way we heal people.

We offer experience and expertise in the field of joint replacement, in a unique setting where everything revolves around the patient.

Our collaborative, patient-centered continuum of care approach puts the focus where it belongs – on the patient – improving outcomes and breaking down departmental barriers that can delay diagnosis and treatment. And we're making better use of your time through conveniences like onsite diagnostics and physical therapy, more timely appointments, and offering accessible, thorough, customized care.

Every element of our practice, our systems, and our environment is guided by one crucial question: Will it improve the patient experience and quality of care?

The end result: a new approach to healthcare that combines the best minds, the best medicine and the best possible patient care.

Patient FIRST

Our "Patient FIRST" approach to healthcare puts the focus back where it belongs: on you, the patient.

We're looking at every aspect of patient care from a customer service perspective, creating a culture that puts you and your needs first every step of the way. Our goal: to ensure an exceptional experience for every patient, at every visit.

We're improving patient satisfaction through a friendly, helpful, efficient staff that is respectful of your time and kind and comforting when you need it most. We're earning a reputation for outstanding, consistent patient care delivered by compassionate, highly skilled professionals. And we continue to hear from grateful patients who appreciate our streamlined, stress-free, comprehensive approach.

At SJRI, we have the culture, the people and the systems in place to deliver a new level of service in joint replacement care. For leading-edge medical care that puts you first, this is where you want to be.