Hip revision surgery is performed to repair an artificial hip joint that has been damaged due to normal wear or an infection. It helps to correct the problem to gain optimal hip function again.

While an artificial hip implant is extremely effective in improving the hip joint, the prosthesis does not last forever. An artificial hip joint usually lasts 10-15 years, depending on the patient’s activity level. After many years of typical wear and tear, the prosthesis does not fit as securely and loses its effectiveness. To correct this problem, hip revision surgery may be recommended by your doctor.

Infection may warrant revision surgery as well. Infection can damage the hip bone and tissue surrounding the joint, plus weaken muscle, tendon and ligament tissues.

Pain relief is a huge benefit of hip revision surgery. Hip revision surgery can improve strength, coordination, the appearance of the hip and increase mobility.

The success of revision surgery is contingent on the patient's dedication to the rehabilitation program following surgery.

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