Place of birth? St. Louis, Missouri

Education background? Undergraduate at Saint Louis University. Medical school at University of Missouri-Kansas City. Residency at Saint Louis University. Fellowship in Joint Replacement at SJRI.

First job? I worked as a caddy at a golf course, which also entailed picking the range, cleaning the carts, and preparing for tournaments.

How long have you practiced with SJRI? I've been with SJRI since July 2016.

Musical tastes? I listen to pretty much all music. It depends on the mood. Sometimes it is country. Sometimes classic rock. I even listen to 90's hip hop, heavy metal, and punk rock. Most of the time it is the newer hits.

Favorite Sports Team(s)? St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues

When not at work, what do you do? I work out with my wife or ride bikes with our 4 boys. I love to barbecue and will try to smoke something (i.e. brisket, pork shoulder, or ribs) on most weekends. The kids love smoked hotdogs.

Share something that is unique to you - hobby or special interest? I have a twin brother who is also an orthopaedic surgeon in St. Louis. My wife (an anesthesiologist) and I have 5 boys. I love pinot noir and have a growing collection.